Quick BI for Javascript hackers

Here at Jig, we believe that BI should be done by developers.
So we made a tool to help developers with data skills deliver interactive BI reports.

Download v0.0.7-beta for Mac Download v0.0.7-beta for Windows

Reactive live programming

Jig documents are made of tiles. Like a cell in a spreadsheet, a tile is a node in a calculation graph. You can update the code of each tile anytime, live! All cells that depend on it will update automatically.

UI components

Jig cells can contain data to display, but cells can also contain buttons, images, text inputs, sliders, or clickable charts to create interactive applications.

Data from all your sources

Jig runs on your computer, you can download data from anywhere including local files, and non-cors web apis. The beta version includes connections to MySql. We plan to add PostGreSQL and others soon.

Local application

Jig runs on your own computer, so you never send your data to us. It's both more reliable and more secure.

Simple charting

While you can create custom visualization in Jig using D3 and other powerful libraries, Jig comes prepackaged with common chart types so that you don't need to reinvent the wheel for simple stuff.

Tables and pivots

Displaying large tables in HTML is no small feat. Jig includes a virtual table component with custom formatting and heatmaps. We also made a pivot table tool, because what BI platform would be complete without a pivot?

Frequently Asked Questions

What language does Jig support?

Jig apps are written in Javascript. Under the hood, Jig runs the Observable runtime. So anything you can do in Observable, you can do in Jig.

Can we host Jig apps on a server?

Not with the beta version, but we are working on it.

Is Jig an Electron app?

Yes, Jig's beta runs as an Electron app.

What is Jig's business model?

We plan to offer a free version of Jig, and a Pro version that contains more enterprise features. A pro license will give you the right to use your version of Jig forever and will give you access to upgrades for a year.

More questions? Contact us at info@jigdev.com